Lund Precision Products Ireland provides innovative solutions to the most challenging wear and cutting problems in virtually any type of equipment and application.

Agricultural Harvesting Equipment: Forage harvesters, Combines, Corn headers, Row independent headers, Round and square hay balers, Sugar cane harvesters, Mixer feeders, Silage grabs

Agricultural Crop Movement Equipment: Augers

Agricultural Tillage Tools: Harrow disks, Sweeps, Points, Ripping points

Lund Precision Products Ireland has one of the broadest ranges of capabilities in the cutting and wear components industry. We can either fabricate your entire cutting or wear part, have it fabricated for you and then apply our wear enhancing capabilities, or apply those capabilities to parts provided by you.

Engineering Design: Our highly skilled engineering staff uses state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design techniques to develop product specifications, tooling and fixtures. This is especially important for custom hot-formed designs.

Material Selection: We are familiar with a wide variety of steels, including high carbon, low carbon, boron, silicone manganese, high-speed tool steels, etc. Depending on the application, one of these materials will likely provide the optimum performance.

Heat Treating: Lund Precision Products Ireland can provide the following types of heat-treating: quench and temper, austempering, neutral and endothermic. In addition, selective multi-zone induction hardening is one of the company’s greatest strengths.

Surface Enhancement and Wear Treatment: Depending on the application (cutting wear life, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection), Lund Precision Products Ireland can choose from among a wide variety of surface enhancement capabilities:

  • Tungsten carbide thermal spray-and-fuse coatings
  • BrazeCoat® ultra-high-density tungsten carbide and chromium carbide brazed coatings
  • Submerged arc welded inlays
  • Laser Clad Hard Facing
  • Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) deposited coatings
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) deposited coatings

Painting and Finishing: The following are available final finishes: laser identification, water-based dip painting in a variety of colors, screen printing, and custom corrugated sleeves and packaging.